'Stony Tony' - Psychedelic Analog Dual-Phase Rotator

'Stony Tony' - Psychedelic Analog Dual-Phase Rotator

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It’s not just a phase…

Try to relax as you succumb to the encompassing psychedelic experience of Stony Tony. Today we walk through doorways once unopened that lay waiting in the back of your mind. What lies behind those doors may inspire a whole range of unexpected feelings, but you must not push against the current, you must… ride the wave.  

Stony Tony, is an analog dual-phase rotator with a range of psychedelic capabilities. You can move from chill-vibez to acid-nightmare with the push of a button. If you are hoping to hone Stony Tony to fit into your pre-existing guitar tone you may find you have a hard time. Stony Tony does not fit into the conservative boundaries that society believes make a “guitar pedal” NO!... Stony Tony is a mind-crunching nonsensical machine that will add all the chaos to your pedal board that you never knew you needed.

 Stony Tony requires a 9V center negative power supply (not included). An isolated power supply with at minimum 100mA is highly recommended.

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